October Payments Sent

Payments for earnings earned through the last day of October 2011 were sent today. Please check your selected payment method for additional information.

All our PayPal payees who have accumulated more than $0.50 in the last month, check your PayPal account. If you’re a Western Union or check payee, and you’ve accumulated more that $50.00 in your account, we’ve sent your payment as well. The Western Union payees will receive an email with a transfer number within 72 hours. For those who receive a check, look out for a Triond envelope in your mailbox over the next couple of weeks.

Have fun, spend wisely and as always,

Happy publishing!

    • Aaron says:

      Hey trying to figure out how to change address form on trion.com need some help that way if payed I have it sent thanks if anyone can help message me or send email with reply on triond.com

    • Thank you Triond for paying our so consistently. Just to let everyone know, there is now a new way to access Triond, which is through Triond.tk

      That domain is actually shorter than the normal Triond domain.

  1. Anton says:

    i didnt get my paypal payment :S

  2. K Kristie says:

    On time, as usual. Thank you! :)

  3. real truth says:

    Thanks! I have just bought games for my computer through Paypal because of Triond. Long live Triond!!!

  4. Jesse says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. Anncash16 says:

    Thanks Triond! This is my first payout!

  6. Gemma says:

    Thank you! $47.18 this month plus an AdSense payment on the way!

  7. Thank you so much! $111.79

  8. sandhee says:

    long life triond we love you,………….

  9. jetta3 says:

    Triond is down the drain let them pull the plug!!!

    I tried to publish an article but when I had to choose a thumbnail it did not generate a thumbnail with a result I could not publish the article. Fortunately I am not stuck with my finger up somewhere – I published the same article Triond did not want on Hubpages – http://hendrikdb.hubpages.com/hub/what-is-a-tennis-elbow?done

  10. pruelpo says:

    Thanks Triond. I received mine.

  11. sanaahmed says:

    waiting W.U code..!

  12. I got paid alright, without writing anything…

  13. Callen James says:

    Thanks for the $ Triond!

    $94.01 (Best Month Yet)… How bout another competition to get some bonus dollars flowing for the holidays?!

    • Ali says:

      Holy marry mother of God…. How did you earned so much in one month???? i am just waiting to earn 50$ so that they could send me payment through paypal… anyway tell me how did you earn so much?

  14. jeepers says:

    Please fix the server admin it comes down many times. we can’t publish anything this day. by the way thanks for the payment… bravo trionders…

  15. thanks TRIOND. This is my first payout :D

  16. Chris McNeil says:

    Still haven’t received my payout. Any Help would be appreciated.

    • Superspeed500 says:

      Check if Your payment information is correct. You must have first/last name, City, state, country filled in, even on Pay Pal. Minimum payout for Pay pal is 0,50. Turn on periodical mail to find out why you don’t get paid.

  17. joelan19 says:

    Thank you, Triond! :)

  18. Vissy says:

    Thank you, this is my first payment on Triond, on time.

  19. canadamom says:

    I just registered as paypal today will I still get paid this month?
    Also trying to recommend a friend and can not seem to get a code or even sign in with my email to see contacts to try and refer anyone. Can anyone help?

  20. NE Olson says:

    Still have not received September payment…got October, but not September…help please! :(

  21. tonywriter says:

    Didn’t got My October Payment, :-S

    • Ali says:

      u must be a Western union payee.. Ur minimum earning should be 50$ … then triond will send u the code and you can check out :)

  22. I am a Triond Fan says:

    Thank you Triond. I appreciate it that payment is always on time.

  23. Budi92 says:

    Thanks alot triond…

  24. Obsessions says:

    Has anyone else received their western union payment yet? I haven’t.

  25. jaymie1981 says:

    got my first payment!now i am more inspired to write…

  26. Ali says:

    HOW THE HECK U GUYS EARN more than 50$ in one month??? HELP PLEASEEEE… i just have 17 cents and two months has been passed.

    • Jaison says:

      Ali, It is not $50 in one month. Limit is $0.50 per month and if you have more than that amount Triond should pay you. It is not very hard to get more than $50.00 per month if you write good articles and promote it well. I posted my last article on Feb 7th 2011 and still getting paid good (Good enough to pay a few utility bills :) ). All the best.

  27. makisaad says:

    i didn’t get paid as always

  28. PeoplesContent says:

    I didn’t receive my payment for this month via paypal. Why?

  29. CRYSTALEVANS says:


    • webseowriters says:

      Me too, I request Triond team to to add Alertpay and Payoneer too in their payment system. Also provide an alternative to Google adsense because most of the Triond users lost their Adsense publishers accounts due to some unknown reasons, kindly add Infolinks or Chitika revenue share program for Triond writers.

  30. Superspeed500 says:

    I got my first payment:)

  31. PeoplesContent says:

    Ok I still haven’t gotten paid and it’s the 12th. I requested via Paypal. I got an email stating “claim you money” from paypal. I checked my account and still haven’t gotten anything yet. Can anyone here tell me when I will get my payment? I would love to contribute more content to Triond but won’t unless I get paid on time.

  32. Vivek Singh says:

    Did anyone want free adsense account approval trick it is 100% Genuine

    For this mail me :- cinterinfo@yahoo.com

  33. webseowriters says:

    I received an incorrect WU code of 9 numbers, (WU office refused to issue payment on 9 digits code) kindly send me the real 10 digits code.

  34. mona rastogi says:

    hello Triond, I didn’t receive my payment for september and october month via paypal. Why?

  35. Manu says:

    Dear sir/madam, my User name- manu222. I am still waiting my payment from 2 months. In this month triond send my payment & give send my payment id for paypal. but i have not receive my triond payment in my paypal a/c & today my earning return in my triond a/c so today i change my paypal id in my triond account. please tell me when i receive my payment from triond?

  36. Ivor says:

    i couldnt edit my profile and i didnt see and WU payments i deserved. this is not funny though

  37. Ivor says:

    I have succeeded in updating my account. infact it has been updated earlier. yet no Wu notification or payments.

  38. sunneper says:

    please help me, i want 2 write something and i don’t know it. Please help me

  39. webseowriters says:

    I still got no response from Triond team, its really feel so bad when you got no response for a genuine problem. Mr. Shahar Solomianik kindly solve my payment issue as soon as possible. (9 digits (MTCN) number is not processing at WU offices).

  40. bench says:

    Love Triond! always on time payment, this is my 2nd payment, got $7.60 this month…last moth was 10.70, i guess i should wrtie more agian…

  41. TRanC3 says:

    Thanks Triond ;D

  42. Katy says:

    I’ve not received my check and it is not showing as paid on my account. The amount gas been deducted from my next payment. The day after you stated October Payments Sent 10 November I had an email asking me to sign up to paypal for next month’s payment. What is going on?

  43. emma linda m. diolola-ocampo says:

    i created a long story and when i published it, it did not appear anywhere, i got so dismayed. i spent an hour to write it and it just didnt get it on triond. :( (

    i dont know what happened.everything was there. it said something went wrong while trying to published it.

    • Ali says:

      Hey , dont get dissi :P ..Go to your drafts or go to your Declined Contents.. your story will be there.. Make some changes.. Edit it and then republish.. :)

  44. Taylor Rae says:

    I still haven’t gotten my September payment D:

  45. iv says:

    I think triond is having serious challenges with payment. nobody seems to be replying people’s questions. i hope triond is not …

  46. Petar says:

    I estimate I got another four months till I earn up to 0.50$.
    I’ve posted 26 articles and I earn about well, it has definately taken me six months for that 50 cents so its about eight cents a month, just for publishing 26 articles. As everyone else is getting 50 bucks atleast that means, 2 600 articles? wow…

  47. attinulil says:

    Dear triond,

    I’ve harbored this problem, please explain why the recent articles I always dideclined? whereas before many accepted … and again I am an individual, it feels like to write an article with actual and heat, it is not possible, I read the news and then rewrite the story, and I want to share news and experiences, such as info about health, technology, sports (especially football) and as the outside world, I read from newspapers, magazines or the other, it is never possible, I can get directly from the source. Secondly, I can not give comments to my friends, that I could do was give like it and dislike it, please help me …. please ….

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