Delayed Paypal Payments

Dear Triond users.

Up until today we have never been late with your payments. We always issued your payments on time.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that are not in our control, there is a chance that you’ll see today pass without that Paypal notification of a new payment you’re so used to on each 10th of the month.

Last Saturday, on January 7th, our Paypal account has been suspended. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Paypal considers the security of its users very highly and their approach is to take no risk and suspend accounts in which they encounter an abnormal behavior,¬†genuine¬†as it is, until they investigate the matter. As a matter of fact, our account had already been suspended twice in the past due to similar reasons and had been restored several days afterwards. Of course you knew nothing about it when it happened and didn’t notice it since we were all lucky enough not to have our account suspended during the 10th of the month.

However, unfortunate as it is, this is exactly the case today. Having been suspended on the weekend, while restoration can be done only on regular Paypal working hours, we had a very narrow window of chance to make it to the 10th with a restored account. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and we’re still in the middle of the process to restore our Paypal account.

We hope it won’t be long and we will keep you updated about this matter and issue your payments as soon as we are able to do so.

Checks and Western Union payments were issued earlier as usual.

Our Sincere apologies,
The Triond Team

  1. Marie Milton says:

    Got it.
    First to comment *yay!!*

  2. mphsglo says:

    Thanks for the update.

  3. prsol46 says:

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

  4. JohnJ says:

    Keep us updated.

  5. Fornis says:

    Thanks for the notification and thereby saving our time!

  6. Sabio47 says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I got last payment on words, but did not received 10th Jan payment so confused about it. Thanks for the information…….!!

  7. pruelpo says:

    I understand Triond. Just OK. I can wait…hehehe. Thanks for the info.

  8. Thanks for letting us know, you would think that once they investigated you 1 or 2 times they would flag you as being legit or whatever….

  9. Waiting for my huge payment :) Now problem I trust triond :)

  10. sandi says:

    it’s ok admin…. I understand it,

  11. JackDonlan says:

    No problem. Keep us posted.

  12. Kristie Claar says:

    Thank you kindly for letting us know.

  13. Jenny says:

    Paypal are well known for their strict security policy. so there is nothing extraordinary in such a case.
    Hope Triond’s Paypal account will restored soon and we all will be paid as usual we was.
    Let’s wait a bit!

  14. Thank you for letting us know what’s going on and let us know when PayPal restores your account.

  15. Russelle Macapil says:

    Thanks for letting us know.. just inform us about other details if ever..

  16. Lbaldwin says:

    Thanks for the update. Here’s hoping the issue will be resolved soon

  17. duckletshut says:

    thanks for the update!

  18. Sheila Barnhill says:

    well, I don’t think waiting on $1.66 will make or break Thanks for the update.

  19. Tyler says:

    Thanks Triond. Was wondering why there was no payment, you guys are usually really quick on that… Hope its back up soon

  20. razor7 says:

    ah. It’s fine. Hope this problem will be solved soon :)

  21. Callen James says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Triond. I was starting to wonder if you didn’t love me anymore.


  22. ashleyapathy says:

    That’s fine :) Just maybe next time a little warning ahead of time when you guys do get to it? Also, bring back the contests :D

  23. franwrihot82 says:

    Its okay things happen.

  24. Raj the Tora says:

    So kind of you to let us know. Thanks Triond. Such things happen and we do understand.

  25. Eunice Tan says:

    Dear Triond team,

    My username is eunicesolo.
    I cannot login since 17th December 2011 and now the problem has not been solved yet. I don’t know why I cannot log in.
    As for the date 17th December I know I have earning and I am sure I would earn additional earning from my old articles.
    But I have not received December earning notification.
    Please email me why my account suspended or the problem why I cannot log in. I have to make decision of my old articles.

    • Eunice Tan says:

      I received December payment although I didn’t received any payment notification.
      So although my account cannot be accessed, I still get earning from my old articles. I appreciate Triond for this. Thank you so much.

  26. JackDonlan says:

    Are you going to make payments when you get back up or roll them over till Feb. 10? Please advise. Thanks

    • Larry says:

      Looks like they are going to roll it over to Feb 10th. Mine now says your FEB 10th payment will be: and it has the money I was suppose to get this month in there.

      I think that kind of sucks. We should get the money once paypal releases it. We should not have to wait a whole month.

  27. scheng1 says:

    Hope Paypal works faster to resolve it. Thanks for informing us.

  28. joinTriond says:

    besides, Triond is the most prosperous money making website out there…

  29. Reiny says:

    Thanks for update, at least we know the reason why we got delay payment

  30. tony sutrisno says:

    dear triond team,

    I understand the situation, my payment to now switch to Wester union could not? thank you

  31. drelayaraja says:

    Thank you Triond for clearing the air…

  32. papaleng says:

    Thanks for the update.

  33. dazzlejazz says:

    Darn it! And I was going to put a down payment on a new Ferrari with it too…:)

  34. Chipmunk says:

    Thanks for informing us hope the matter is cleared so all can be back on tract

  35. banana007 says:

    no problem. keep us posting.
    thanks for update.

  36. Fabrizio says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I can assure that this is indeed a notorious Paypal behaviour: when there’s a great amount of money coming in or out a certain account, they feel the urge to investigate in order to be sure everything is legit.

  37. Jackie118 says:

    No worries! I’ve been in the same situation myself with PayPal. Took a while for them to sort it out but we got there in the end :-D

  38. Pc trick says:

    Hope you got your account back!

  39. Robert says:

    from yesterday i am so much confused why i have not got my payment in paypal but now i seen wat’s the matter… thanks for update else i was planned to quit triond because this is my first payment

  40. Ahh, the joys of running a paying web site! No worries – things like this happen and since I’ve always been paid by Triond, I’m not worried at all.

  41. Phill says:

    Well it took me over a year to get 53 cents, I guess I can wait. I probably should write more controversial articles or at least promote the few I have. Maybe the one I wrote about politicians should be revamped and shown off again. It’s that time of year to bash them anyway since they are so up in our faces to get votes.

  42. I Hope PayPal restores your account soon in one on two day you can send our Payment.

  43. Sujay Sen says:

    No problem, once it was also happened to me also. But the PayPal customer are very kind enough to investigate the details and hope they will fix this problem soon. So, expecting to get our payments shortly. Please keep us updated.

  44. Shawn says:

    Yeah thanks for the update. Paypal is pretty quick to suspend accounts, but at-least they are trying to protect its users. Hope it gets straightened out soon.

  45. XPlained says:

    I love how you guys keep us up to date on what’s going on, take your time guys! Thanks for update!

  46. candicedavis says:

    Thank you for being honest :)

  47. Coffeeadict says:

    Thank you for the information. Fingers crossed that it will be back to normal soon!

  48. dat8ja says:

    maybe you should think to start using skrill/moneybookers ;) have a nice day to all

  49. Ladyelena says:

    Thanks for letting us know.


  50. juny423 says:

    Thanks for the update and hope it will be resolved soon!

  51. Just to let you know, I’ve now received my December payment from Triond!

  52. PaulB says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. We All have our problems, eh?

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  54. aheed411 says:

    Are you thieves or what
    Did you add profit in January + February

  55. kaili says:

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