March Payments Sent

Payments for earnings earned through the last day of March 2012 were sent today. Please check your selected payment method for additional information.

All our PayPal payees who have accumulated more than $0.50 in the last month, check your PayPal account. If you’re a Western Union or check payee, and you’ve accumulated more that $50.00 in your account, we’ve sent your payment as well. The Western Union payees will receive an email with a transfer number within 72 hours. For those who receive a check, look out for a Triond envelope in your mailbox over the next couple of weeks.

Have fun, spend wisely and as always,

Happy publishing!

  1. forever2abc says:

    Thanks triond!! got my payment :)

  2. K Kristie says:

    Got mine! Thanks Triond. :)

  3. Thanasis14 says:

    I also got mine :D
    Thank you very much :)

  4. Loretta Collins says:

    I didn’t got my payment that is $0.99 in my paypal account … please mention the issue

  5. putralz says:

    thank you triond…

  6. Austin says:

    Thanks so much! Got mine!

  7. As always Triond, cheers. :)

  8. Yooni says:

    Thank you Triond,… I receive my second payment here… :D

  9. Sujay Sen says:

    Thanks Triond for your timely payment.

  10. unicorngirl2006 says:

    Got my payment on time as always! Thanks Triond.

  11. lorraine says:

    Got my first pay on paypal.. Thanks triond..

  12. heniz says:

    thanks triond….™Ќîiîk.·:::D Ќîiîk :D ::·. Ќîiîk™΅

  13. Jave Coder says:

    I can’t WAIT for my Western Union code!!! How much time is it going to take??

  14. cutezsonia says:

    thanks Triond…

  15. crystalevans says:

    Triond haven’t received mine thru. Western Union

  16. Earth Mother says:

    I have not gotten my checks. I have not been paid since January for December. WHY!!!!

  17. sophonia says:

    hello i am writting here for 2 years i have not receive any payment and my account is very low ,i have write many articles ,any one help please , i really need money for home.Thanks

  18. Thank a lot for triond :D

    I love Triond so Much !!! :D :D:D

  19. Ahmad Tri Efendi says:

    I can’t WAIT for my Western Union code via email!!! How much time is it going to take??

    • pajabat triond says:

      sing sabar yo le ngger duwitmu sik tak enggo nak komplek mengko lek wis tak bayarne nak….awakmu

  20. Jave Coder says:

    I’m a member on triond for like 4 months, and this is my first payment hardly accumulated. I know that I need to wait another 24 hours, until I can declare it as a problem , but it is really confusing, and is eating me alive. Hope that Western Union code comes soon because this is very depressing.

  21. Drake says:

    Hey there. I need help, my WU code is not sent to me, and over 72 hours have passed what the hell is going on??? Please check my account for this issue, I barely made that money and making over 50 costed me more then 4 freaking months. My Username is Drake140

  22. webseowriters says:

    I am also waiting my WU code, any Triond official here to reply?

  23. We need improvement on Triond on analytics like Bukisa does – per article analytics. That top search phrases (last 30 days) that you are showing does not give detailed picture. Given the low earning rates of these days, the only way we try to counter that is to write to draw more and better quality search engine traffic. Currently we see search phrases of top performing articles. If we can see the search phrases of any article, we can improve those that are not doing well by working them towards better search phrases.

  24. papainas says:

    I have not received an email code WU for the month of March 2012 , please help and why?

  25. googleviva says:

    I have not received an email code WU for the month of March 2012 , please help and why?

  26. Karenb says:

    I didn’t receive my payment through paypal for March.

  27. Mark Fluet says:

    I did not receive my payment for march

  28. Jave Coder says:

    I got my payment via western Union!!!!!!!

  29. webseowriters says:

    thanks, I got my WU code n received payment as well :-)

  30. Devika Primic says:

    I ma unable to comment or submit articles on triond

  31. Samsara says:

    I got my 2nd payment from Triond! 0.80$ not that much but I’m still happy. Thank you Triond! :)

  32. geeta says:

    It has abeen over a year since i have been writing 4 triond but have not received any payement till now how long 2 wait.

  33. klo1029 says:

    I did not receive my march payment….why???

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