Problems Inserting An Image File

Due to a technical problem, the Online Editor’s Insert Image feature  is currently not working properly. However, while you are temporarily unable to upload image files directly from your computer, you may still insert images using the ‘Paste URL’ feature.

In order to use the ‘Paste URL’ feature, you must first upload your image files to any image hosting website, such as Picable (via Triond’s  Submit Media tab), then paste the URL of the published image into the the Online Editor’s Insert Image window field, marked: From the web, paste the URL of the image.

The other way of working around this problem is to simply use the “Get Image Suggestions” button located to the right of the Online Editor’s Article Body field.

Our engineering team is working on solving this problem. I apologize for the temporary inconvenience, but we hope to have this problem solved as soon as possible.

Choose Your Own Thumbnail Adventure

It’s been a busy few weeks for our Online Editor, with upgrades being made on a regular basis.  Today, we’ve just rolled out the latest new feature which lets you select the thumbnail image displayed alongside your article after it is published on a site in our network.

Previously, we paired thumbnail images according to your article’s tags as best as possible.  Now you can decide which thumbnail to display.

You’ll now see a section of the Online Editor devoted to thumbnail selection. This thumbnail selection tool gives you relevant image options based on the content and tags of your article :


Click on “Find Images” to scan your article. In a few second, a row of thumbnail suggestions will appear below the button.  To select an image, simply click on it.  The selected image appears in the box to the far left.


To see more thumbnail options, click on “Find More Images” to scan your article again.

If you decide to save a draft of your article, your thumbnail selection will be saved as well.  You can change it again before you submit your article for publication.


When you’re ready, submit your article.  Once it’s been published, you’ll see your selected thumbnail appear next to the title and description of your article where it’s listed on the site of publication.

Happy publishing!

Suggestive Images (No, Not that Kind)

Today we added a new feature that suggests images for you to use in your articles. There’s a new ‘Get Image Suggestions’ button right next to the Article Body section of the Online Editor.

In order to get the best functionality from the feature, it helps to have your title, description, body, and tags already written. After you have some text entered in these fields, just click on the ‘Get Image Suggestions’ button to see a column of images related to your article. Simply click on an image and -poof!- it appears in the body of your article.

Watch how it works (for best viewing, expand the video to full screen):

Enjoy the new feature!